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If we want the future world to be a world full of hopes and opportunities for most people, then humanity must completely change the way it manages the world. If the threat of Climate Change is not resolved, increasingly frequent extreme weather such droughts, floods and storms, will undermined the developments that humanity has achieved in the past 20 years. If the global average temperature rises by 2 degrees Centigrade, the sustainable development goals will never be realised. 


1. Combine all the people who are enthusiastic and support the environment and care for the earth, and work hard to curb the deteriorating ecological and environment, also to protect the global environment on which humans depend.

2. Promote the development of a low carbon economy, at the same time, advocate and promote the Sustainable Development Goals and Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.

3. Promote the global actions advocated by the Paris Climate Agreement and complete the implementation of the the 10 Principles of Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 and Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

4. Promoting the harmony between man and nature as the principle for social, economic, and technological development for human survival.

5. Protecting the Earth and the environment is the responsibility of all human beings. There is no national border, race, or religion. Individuals or groups concerned with the environment should actively and unite for the common goal.

6. Strive to promote the environmental protection movement by reduce environmental pollution and damage, enable global communities to have a safe, healthy, comfortable, civilized, and sustainable living environment.

7. Support, cope with the government’s environmental protection policy and promote the concept of “Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction”.

8. To monitor and advocate the environmental laws or policies.

9. Based on spirit, method of science, formulate relevant countermeasures for sustainable development and assess risks; continuous innovation of science and technology is the driving force for achieving the dual goals of environmental protection and economic development.


For millions of years, human ancestors lived in harmony with the environment on this Blue Planet, and the Earth used her abundant resources to nurture generations of people. But now, in just one hundred years, human beings have seriously damaged the natural environment for economic development. Water, air, and land are polluted, forests are cut down, animals’ habitats are destroyed, and millions of years of human species have been extinct, and even human food has experienced an unprecedented crisis.


Due to changes in nature, the temperature of the Earth will rise and new germs will be produced. Natural disasters and windstorms will become increasingly serious. The impact on the climate will also threaten the livelihood of the people. The problems of agricultural damage and pollution have emerged endlessly.

As a member of the Earth family, we are duty-bound to change the deteriorating environment. The establishment of the Policy and Economic Alliance Caring of Earth (PEACE) is a necessity for the global response to Climate Change and a mission entrusted to it by the organization.


who are enthusiastic and support the environment and care for the earth, and work hard to curb the deteriorating ecological environment and protect the global environment on which humans depend

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