African Economic and Ecological Modernization Sphere (African - EEMS) 

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" I stated at the United Nations Conference on tackling Global Warming in 2015 (COP20-Bonn, Germany): “Global Warming is the greatest war situation than any other war ever occurred on earth. Not only does it cause damage to the economy and human life, but also the effects of Global Warming changed every single life in the world. The natural destruction caused by the climate change, which tends to become more intense every minute, is inducing threats to the widespread destruction of all life, economy, society and ecology of the world."

Solving the Global Warming problem, in my opinion, is not difficult. There are only two approaches. One is not to emit Greenhouse gases, which seems impossible while every country is continuously accelerating economic and social development. Yet, there are various measures to find clean energy to replace. The second approach is to establish a large project to contain the Greenhouse gases emission in the atmosphere in order to making the world stabilized in the equilibrium. This one is a big deal to think about. It will never be achieved if we still anticipate executing the projects completely relying on some donation. The ideal way to think about it is to make it a massive business system where everyone cooperates to work together to make it happen. This is to stop the war of severe disasters that are threatening us today. 

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I have received several opportunities to present my vision and publish this project to the world until it has been recognized and accepted by ‘High Level Segment of The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)’ - Ecological Safety and Scientific Technology Innovation Symposium in 2013 at the United Nations Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland. We were nominated for receiving several awards from various international organizations at the time. The project data was later used as the Master Plan to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2030.

Today, The Emission Zero Global Project has developed into a very large special economic zone. For the industrial revolution, energy, economy, society and ecology named African Economic and Ecological Modernization Sphere (African - EEMS) originated in Congo DR and will expand to all over Africa. I sincerely hope that things that have been initiated and established will be a way to conquer the great war of all mankind. I did not expect we will have victory in this war, yet the goal is that we can all be living in the world peacefully together as it should be. It is the Dharma of the eternal world.

Chanasnun Kajornphuwapong

Founder & President of  African EEMS

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