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African Economic and Ecological Modernization Sphere (African - EEMS) 

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African EEMS is the new economic master plan in Africa. It links domestic economic system within African’s continent, and promotes the stable development, which targets African’s economic system to reach the equivalent to the civilised countries. In addition, the plan is to be the chief in solving Global Warming problems and other problems in today’s world.


African EEMS is the Special Economic Zone, that is established by Sri Araya cooperate with other International Organization, which has gained a wide cooperation in many countries around the world.


The African EEMS project is a significant opportunity by taking action to solve Global Warming, and generate a new economic area. This action will be done under the sustainable development philosophy calls 4FFCC or 4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change, which will create an infinite benefit for the countries, where located and involved in the project.

The new transportation route in African is required within the African EEMS area in sequence of opening the new economic corridor. This route will be used as the main route in the African continent by linking the West End to the East End, where the large industrial logistic centre will be located at both end. Since the special route is to join the west and the east of Africa, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean in connected.

The goals of joining the African’s EEMS program is to have a very strong economic network by using the same economic policy, and reducing the society gap. Therefore these will truly generate the the sustainable peace to global community.

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" I stated at the COP20-Bonn, Germany: “Global Warming is the greatest war situation than any other war ever occurred on earth. Not only does it cause damage to the economy and human life, but also the effects of Global Warming changed every single life in the world. The natural destruction caused by the climate change, which tends to become more intense every minute, is inducing threats to the widespread destruction of all life, economy, society and ecology of the world."

Chanasnun Kajornphuwapong

Founder & President of  African EEMS

4 FFCC – 4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change

Carbon Sink

This is a large size plot and its purpose is to purify the atmosphere. The ability to absorb Carbon-Dioxide to generate wooden tissue and release oxygen simultaneously during photosynthesis. In comparison, this function is similar to the human lung. (Photosynthesis)


Transforming the carbon sink product into bio-mass, the sources of power-plant generate electricity supplies throughout the special economic zone as well as export the electricity to country members. Electricity is the basic and necessary infrastructure for the country’s development.


The third function of ‘sustainable economic philosophy’. This plot manufacturing machinery used within the Project. The F3 area welcomes other related businesses to invest within our industrial estate with tax benefits and opportunities to be part of the sustainable market through the consignment period. The investment within the special economic zone helps the state in term of Economy and improve the labor skill of the people.


The fourth function of the ‘sustainable economic philosophy’ is enchanted quality of living by laying new city plan with smart city infrastructure. The smart city management will share the same standard as any other metropolis from the developed countries.

Solving the Global Warming problem, in my opinion, is not difficult. There are only two approaches. One is not to emit Greenhouse gases, which seems impossible while every country is continuously accelerating economic and social development. Yet, there are various measures to find clean energy to replace. The second approach is to establish a large project to contain the Greenhouse gases emission in the atmosphere in order to making the world stabilized in the equilibrium. This one is a big deal to think about. It will never be achieved if we still anticipate executing the projects completely relying on some donation. The ideal way to think about it is to make it a massive business system where everyone cooperates to work together to make it happen. This is to stop the war of severe disasters that are threatening us today. 


African EEMS : Project targeted

Be Green Southern Corridor
(The Democratic Republic of Congo, The Republic of Burundi, The Republic Rwanda, The United Republic of Tanzania) total -30- million Hectares to feed low price energy to supply African continent and supply the tremendously of Biochar to The Oasis project in Be Green Northern Corridor.

Be Green Northern Corridor
(The Republic of Guinea, Burkina Faso, The Republic of Mali, The Republic of Benin,
The Federal Republic of Nigeria, The Republic of Niger, The Republic of the Sudan, The Republic of Chad, The Republic of Djibouti, The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) -300- million Hectares in total.

The benefits of The African EEMS project to Worldwide include following Ecological,Social and Economic benefits :

1. Addressing energy shortages that are the seeds of future conflict and War.
2. A boon to local economies of areas cultivating the Kajornphuwapong, reducing unemployment, benefiting lowest income sectors of the population, resisting conomic recession.
3.Helping reduce the social gaps in the nations with large discrepancies between
the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, thereby to increasing social stability.
4. Increasing the Economic Independence of Developing Nations, making them less prone to economic, social & political domination by other Nations.
5. Improving prosperity in rural districts and helping stem migration to vercrowded urban centres, helping equalise economic prosperity between urban and rural areas.
6. Making for drought resistance, improving soil quality, moisture content, esisting advancing desertification.
7. Sequestering carbon to help mitigate Climate Change.

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