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Virtual Integrated 
Business Center

A Business and Economic platform that  converging how pioneering technologies, innovative business models and new partnerships are collaborating business’s ability to drive a new business ecosystem for market new opportunities and economic impacts.

Covid-19 changes the landscape of economic globalization and activities. It indicates that we are living in a more regulated, complicated and changing world with economic and business interconnected problems and challenges. 

The Future Economy Collaboration Business Forum (FEC Business Forum) is undertaking initiatives to define these problems, set up solutions and take action. But how do FEC Business Forum putting efforts to address these business and economic challenges feed into interconnected members for new opportunities in the globe? 

The FEC Business Forum initiated a business and economic collaborative platform named Virtual Integrated Business Center (VIBC) to collaborative and matching member’s enterprises business requests and it helps to form a variety of new cross-border supply chains based on targeted markets.  

Aims of Business and Economic Platform

Converging how pioneering technologies, innovative business models and new partnerships among members are collaborating business’s ability to drive a new business ecosystem for market new opportunities and economic impacts.

Platform is more than supply and demand sides in production and service. It encompasses dedicated but sophisticated marching arrangement from information-sharing and involvement to industrial ecosystem and partnership, supply chain and end-of-use markets. It includes industries as diverse as B2B, B2B2C, and B2C online and offline business. While Covid-19 has been lockdown economic and business interactions globally, business alliance contributes a breakthrough strategy for new opportunities in emerging new services and industries as in health, medical devices, green energy, new agriculture, and e-commerce. Emerging demands in post-pandemic era in services and technologies are turning the global market into a new face, enabling more collaborative affiliations among members and creating new value chains for industry and society. 



Ecosystem of Our Platform

Bringing together a diverse community of stakeholders from FEC business platform including industry sectors, governments, academic institutions and civil society, to accelerate inclusive business and economic growth while stimulating innovation, sustainability and collaboration. The platform evaluates and proposes projects and partners, examines the latest approaches in business marching, supply chain building, and market opportunities in online and offline partnerships, and set up a reciprocal business model and next generation strategies.

Our Platform enables stakeholders to the greatest pandemic-affected challenges facing multiple industries and societies, accelerating the growth of digital trade and advanced business practice while helping stakeholders fulfil their competitiveness and sustainability.


Contributions of our Platform

1. Mobilize collaboration and business formation for the Covid-19 response. 
2. Exploring industry opportunities, transformation to a new cooperative model in digital business. 
3. The Platform on new E-Economy and New Value Chain Creation help stakeholders leverage resources to be agile and resilient in face of new disruption in global market and to create the new business practice and strategy for future challenges and opportunities. 

FEC Virtual Integrated Business Center is an Virtual Platform Service (VPAS) for stakeholders, it explore new demands for COVID-19 response, integrating innovation technologies and products as a new value chain and interconnecting stakeholders as cross- industrial interactions and cooperation.

Virtual Integrated Business Center





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