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Bayan Baru Community Walking For Rice Program

Bayan Baru Community announced launched of Bayan Baru Baru Community Walking For Rice Program


To kill two birds with one stone, Bayan Baru Community in Penang, Malaysia is coordinating a programme with the Actor of Decade on Ecosystem Restoration- the Policy and Economic Alliance Caring For Earth (PEACE) to get more people to become active in feeding those in need while promoting healthy walking.

Bayan Baru is the first community in Penang to engage in this programme. Those within or outside the Bayan Baru area can be part of the Walking for Rice Bayan Baru community.

Each step taken by the community will contribute to rice donations within the Bayan Baru area.

Together with PEACE’s mobile application named Walking for Rice, the division aims to get 1,000 registrations from the community to contribute towards providing rice to the needy within the Bayan Baru area, she told reporters at the jogging trail along Queensbay Mall.


Under the global multilateral cooperation programme, the world body is transitioning from just working with governments and organisations to engaging with people as well.

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“Under our umbrella, we are looking to promote personal health, combat climate change through reduced dependency on motorised vehicles and contribute back to society. The mobile application, Walking for Rice, is done by us and we did a soft launch back in January 2022. - Tee, VP of PEACE

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