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1st University Walking For Rice 

On May 22, 2022, National TsingHua University(NTHU) of Hsinchu, Taiwan conducted the first global Walking For Rice ceremony in University campus. Dr. C.J. Huang, Director of PEACE Virtual Integrated Business Center(VIBC), presented the appreciation letter from PEACE to Dr. Nyan-Hwa Dai, Senior Vice President of

National TsingHua University, for their efforts to actively engaged in Walking For Rice activities in the campus and develop movements in local communities in Taiwan.

Since the inception of Walking For Rice activities in the NTHU campus early March,20022, there are several teams organized by students, faculty members and alumni of NTHU to engage the Walking competition through Walking For Rice App in mobile phones developed jointly by PEACE and X-Force. Among these teams, NTHU Yeh-Han WFR community has actively accumulated over 3-million steps in 2 months. It stays at the top of WFR global ranking from early April and on.3-4 These steps were transformed into 50 Rice Points for community benefits.


In the appreciation letter, PEACE specifically expressed their appreciation to NTHU & NTHU Yeh-Han WFR community on their endeavors to transform the world in meeting United Nation SDG goals of #2 “Zero Hunger”, #3 “Good Health and Wellbeing”,and #17 “Partnerships to achieve the Goal”. 7


NTHU Ye-Han WFR community donated the proceeds to economically disadvantaged students of NTHU. This activity not only save the days of CoVID-19 hard-hit families, but encourage more consumption of good quality produces from local farmers.

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