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Eco-Film Public Broadcast 

Policy & Economic Alliance Caring of Earth (PEACE) and AgriGaia are co-hosting the public broadcasting of the documentary film named “Kiss the Ground” to call to protect and restore ecosystems around the world, and as part to support the Decade for Ecosystem Restoration vision “ A world where — for the health & wellbeing of all life on Earth & that of future generations — the relationship between humans and nature has been restored, where the area of healthy ecosystems is increasing and where ecosystem loss, fragmentation and degradation has been ended”, as well as to support COP28.


​Kiss the Ground is a film that reveals how regenerating the world's soils can stabilize Earth's climate and create abundant food supplies. This film delves into our relationship with the Earth and how by treating it well, we can change the future of the world. Although the greenhouse effect and climate change we are facing now are severe, through the touching stories and eye-catching solutions in this documentary, it tells us that everyone has the ability to become a guardian of the earth. If we work together, we can bring hope and change to our planet. 

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The primary objectives for the public broadcast of "Kiss the Ground" which fit into the Ecological Restoration Principles of Decade on Ecosystem Restoration are:


To raise awareness: By jointly advocating for soil health and sustainable living, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of these factors in combating climate change, land restoration and fostering a healthier environment.


To inspire action: Through the powerful message of the documentary, we seek to inspire tangible actions within the community, encouraging individuals to make informed choices that benefit both their health and the environment.

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With public interest in environmental issues higher than it has been for years, it is important to maintain the momentum and build on people’s understanding and motivation to protect our natural world. PEACE and AgriGaia explore how environmental films have been used to engage people to make a difference for the environment.


The documentary "Kiss of the Earth" uses a very in-depth and simple presentation method and collects many empirical cases to let everyone know that when the soil is healthy, not only will the crops and food materials be healthy, but we will also be healthy. Moreover, by restoring the status and function of the ecosystem, it can become our solution to reverse the greenhouse effect and help the earth cool down!


We hope that by sharing this documentary, everyone will know that "as long as we start changing our daily dietary choices, we can help cool the earth." From breathtaking landscapes to heartwarming success stories, these films will inspire, educate, and empower us to take action for a more sustainable future.

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