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Our team consists of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable multidisciplinary and culturally diverse experts in climate change, ecological safety, urban  & rural development and forest restoration 

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Advisory Council

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General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh (Thai ชวลิต ยงใจยุทธ, born May 15, 1932 in Nonthaburi) is a Thai politician and retired general. He was Thailand's 22nd Prime Minister.  

He graduated from the RTA Command and General Staff College, and one year later from the United States Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth.

In 1986 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the RTA, and one year later the supreme commander of the armed forces. Under his leadership, the army began projects for rural development. 

He served as Prime Minister, Minister of Labour & Social Serrvices, Minister of Interior, Minister of Defence, Deputy Prime Minister, Senator and Leader of Opposition for Thailand. 

Board of Director




Chanasnun  was one of the Founder of the PEACE and served as its President till now. He is a also the founder and developer of African Economic and Ecological Modernisation Sphere (African EEMS).  Since, he is born at an agriculturally based family, he lives with nature ground since early age, he knows how important nature to us, how climate change affected our daily life. He has been a motivated individual with strong experience in environmental projects and community organizing. Demonstrated excellence engaging the general public and various stakeholders around common causes while tactfully navigating cultural differences. 

Chanasnun has been a climate and environmental activist for over 20 years, since his involvement in advocating environmental protection and climate change issues, he has previously participated in many international conference, meetings, workshops and related events. 

Chanasnun's work focused on develop cooperation between ‘agricultural industry’, ‘energy research institute’ and world-class agricultural university in ‘sustainable economic philosophy’ for sustainable development and resolve Global-Warming (4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change – 4 FFCC). 



Vice President

Tee was one of the Founder of the PEACE and served as its Vice President till now. He has vast experiences in external and international relations, he is well connected with most of the Asia, Africa and Latin America government and international organizations. He has worked steadily at various levels of the political, business and United Nations affiliation systems focused in several key portfolios areas such as foreign affairs, bilateral relationship, political and policy making participation and national ecological safety. He served as Vice Chairman of the Steering Committee of the UN Habitat-IESCO Youth Empowerment and Urban Safety Committee, during his appointment, he promotes and advocate policies for improving youth abilities, promoting their employment and expanding their social participation which would accelerate urban development to the greatest extent. He executed the key tasks of "Youth Empowerment and Urban Ecological Safety Action Plan" which design and make a system to provide a scientific and objective evaluation tool for the target cities to identify its ecological safety condition and the tendency of ecological system. He is the Contributors & Advisors for UN Habitat CHINA STATE OF URBAN YOUTH REPORT 2014-2015. 




( Deputy Miniter of Economy)
Republic of Armenia

Dr. Armen Arzumanyan is a public and political figure. Experienced professional in international, political and economic relations, with a proven track record in the areas of international cooperation, negotiations, economic diplomacy, public affairs and government relations. Strong political and economic ties in more than fifty countries. 

Dr. Arzumanyan is a Founder and Chairman of the Institute of Nations, a foundation for international relations, political, economic and social development. 
He current serve as the Deputy Minister of Economy and formerly served Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Armenia. 
He is also a visiting lecturer of economic diplomacy and business negotiations in Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia, International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia and other educational institutions. He is an author of numerous analytical and research publications.




Dr Michael Heng PBM has more than 35 years of senior management and consulting experience with local and foreign multinational corporations.  He was also an International Consultant for the UN-ILO on Social Dialogue and Human Resource Management.  He is consulted locally and in ASEAN on strategy, sustainability, eco-city projects, renewable energy, organizational transformation, and logistics.  In 2019, he was conferred the Earth Care Award for “leadership in a business enterprise who promotes innovative eco-friendly alternatives for sustainable development”. He was earlier recognised on the National Day 2002 Honours List and awarded the Public Service Medal (PBM) for community service by the President of Singapore.  He received the CSR Leadership Award 2012 on World CSR Day in recognition of “his contributions which has made a difference to people and the community”, and the Global CSR Leadership Award at the Global CSR Summit 2012. At the Philip Kotler World Marketing Summit 2013, he was honoured with the CSR Leadership Excellence Award. Dr Michael Heng PBM is recognized as an influential thought-leader and thinker on sustainability, human capital, venture creation and business strategy.  




Dr. Ganesh M. Ambike has been working in social & medical education field for past 25 years, he is the President of Morya Samajik Pratishthan an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified Indian Government recognised NGO for social, educational, entrepreneurship development & research in Chinchwad Pune, India. He is actively participant in international activities, he involved as Member of ECOSOC YOUTH FORUM, Member of UNMGCY. 

He creates awareness program for youths regarding HIV/AIDS and conduct counseling to the youths regarding misconception of HIV/AIDS and provide counseling to the HIV positive people in India.

Dr. Ganesh has been awarded the Dr. B.C.Roy Award of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and Good work in Social filed award  to Madhukar Rao Pawale Foundation. 


Board of Supervisory

Advisory Board



Board Chairman

Professor Oyeyinka, a globally respected leader in the field of development economics, where he has contributed immensely to the social sciences of urbanization and human settlement, industrialization and economic development. An astute manager, thought leader, strategist and scholar, he has distinguished himself in the fields of human, social and international development, which he has written extensively on. He worked as Director, Regional Office for Africa at the United Nations - Habitat (UN-Habitat) from 2007 to February 2017. He served as Professor at the United Nations University, Institute for New Technologies, he was also a Professorial Fellow, Technology, Innovation Policy and Development, at the United Nations University, MERIT, Maastricht, the Netherlands, a visiting Professor for the Innovation and Development at The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, and was a Senior Economic Advisor, for the United Nations Centre on Trade and Development.



Special Advisor on Europe & Africa Relations

Cheik keita owns a master’s degree in public law and a dess public company, option law, economics and management. Since 1996, he is the founder and President of the CIDIGA (Chamber of Initiatives for the Development of Investments of the Groupings in Africa), whose mission is to produce and offer reliable socio-economic and political informations and studies, useful to promote investments of large groups on the African continent. He is the Delegate of the Circle of Republican Diversity (CRD) of the department of Hautsde-Seine, which suggests to the French government, the tracks of reflection allowing it to better apprehend the future of the relations between France and Africa, by giving particularly a more important position to the diaspora. Since October 2015, following the IndiaAfrica Summit, he has been at the initiative of the mobilization of a reflection circle bringing together Indian economists for the establishment of lines of financing by the Indian Government and investment funds to support public investment programs of african state with the C.A.N.F. Mr.KEITA has participated in several international conferences on Africa and the ACP as contributor and panelist in international organizations: the OECD, the UNESCO, the French Ministry of Financing, the World Bank, France and the world.

Project Director

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Senior Director for VIBC

Dr. Huang has more than 30 years of experience in international political economy, international business and relations. In the period of year 1998-2012, Dr. Huang worked as a research fellow and promoted as director general at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. Since 2013, Dr. Huang has been the director general and distinguished research fellow of Commerce Development Research Institute in Taipei. Dr. Huang obtained a bachelor’s degree of arts in Diplomacy and a master’s degree of arts in International Law and Diplomacy in National Chengchi University in Taiwan. In 1998, he obtained a D.Phil. in Politics from University of York, UK.

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Director for African EEMS Project

Jerrry Kyanga responsible to coordinate African Economic & Ecological Modernisation Sphere Project. Jerry is the holder of a Master Degree in International Relations, Business Administration and Training in International Trading, High level of computer skills, internet researching, Is a bilingual : Fluent speaking English, French, Swahili, Lingala and Zulu languages;
With a solid grounding in the discipline of international relations, and always wanted to look behind the headlines and explore the key players in world politics, world business, world's environmental protection.
Always been curious about global affairs and passionate about finding ways to resolve climate change, environment protection,  international conflict, terrorism, and third world debt, he has been lobbying for and advocating environmental protection and restoration in some of the African countries with different government authorities of African countries

Tong Tong.jpg


Director for Climate Action Network

Miss Yitong Guo is responsible for the connecting networks and missions between the projects in PEACE Organization which can solve the world climate change problem with the business sectors, governments, and various organizations in China that are related to the Projects which subordinate to the CAN department.
By 2021 has Yitong already got the certificate of authorization from his excellency President of Sri-ARAYA Group and PEACE organization with the work scope of procuring counterparties for the African Economic & Ecological Modernization Sphere Project (African-EEMS) platform. She has also been allowed to represent SRI-ARAYA Group in all preliminary and secondary contracts to negotiate with the governments and to lobby at all levels and ranges of social groups in the People's Republic of China. 



Director for VIBC

In 2013, he was the chairman of the Central Election Commission and also a certified trainer into electoral issues. In 2014 he founded social research center GPO (Georgian Public Opinion) and did several researches about the various political issues. In 2015 he had an internship at the Center for the National Interest (, in Washington D.C and also was an intern at the Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker’s office. In 2015 he became an International Secretary of Georgian Labour Party. In 2017 he has been elected as a member of the local Municipal Assembly (Dusheti region) and was a head of the faction for 4 years. In 2021 he was elected again for the second term. Beka is a founder of youth movement - “Dare Movement” and a member of EDYN (European democracy youth network). Beka has 8 years of experience in international relations, speaks 4 languages and has high level of computer skills.

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Director for VIBC

Renowned for entrepreneurial prowess, Velle Niqo Tay is a distinguished serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of founding and leading ventures that transcend traditional business models. Known for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities, Velle has consistently demonstrated innovation and success in diverse business landscapes. As the founder of impactful social enterprises, Velle embodies the belief that business can be a force for positive change. These ventures, created under Velle's leadership, not only generate economic value but also address pressing societal and environmental challenges, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

In addition to Velle's entrepreneurial ventures. She plays a pivotal role as an executive committee member of a prominent non-governmental organization (NGO). In this capacity, Velle contributes strategic insight and operational expertise, emphasizing collaborative efforts for global impact. Internationally sought after as a solution provider for sustainable projects, Velle combines business acumen with a deep understanding of sustainability principles. Collaborating with governments, corporations, and NGOs, Velle develops and implements innovative solutions that address immediate challenges while fostering long-term environmental well-being.

Guided by visionary leadership, Velle inspires teams to embrace innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility. In an era where business and social impact converge, she continues to shape the entrepreneurial landscape towards a brighter, more equitable future through a remarkable commitment to sustainability and transformative leadership.

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Director for VIBC

Thomas is a M&A director of PACIFIC BRIDGE CAPITAL (Licensed from Stock exchange committee) and LOTUS CAPITAL (Licensed from Stock exchange committee). He actively involve as member in Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) , Stock Exchange Commision (SEC), Vietnam Online Import - Export Forum (VOIEF 2020), VNREA- Vietnam National Real Estate Association, Vietnam Timber & Forest Products Association (VIFORES). He has served in few technical company such as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC): Team leader of Service System Engineer, COMPAQ COMPUTER CORPORATION: Compaq Service Manager for Indo-China and Hewlett-Packard Vietnam Ltd: System Engineer. He is also the member and founder of Hasimex, Forinex, IP Telecom and BNB of Vietnam.

Executive Member

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Zhang Weiming is the Chapter President of JCI Mandarin Singapore 2019 since 2017, he was JCI Singapore National Vice President in 2020. He is also Deputy Director (Education) of Chang Clan General Association from year 2020 till now. 

He started his carrier in Singapore local pharmaceutical company. Besides B2B and B2C sales within Singapore, He provide sales training to regional distributors in Asia region, namely Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He also conducted numerous CSR events for the public. One of the main event was the collaboration with Tai Hwa Kwan Senior Activity Centre to bring around 600 seniors for a Gala Movie Premiere with MM2 Entertaiment.

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