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Horus Operation

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City Sanitation for Covid-19
Sponsored by Kajornphuwapong Foundation


In late 2019, The Covid-19 Virus  epidemic  has  spread  out  in several countries  and  entered Thailand at the beginning of the year 2020.  The number of infections has increased rapidly in various locations throughout the country, and the first dead from Covid-19 has occurred within the Kingdom of Thailand.

PEACE has offered our aids to the Thai Government to stop the outbreak, this operation called the ‘Horus Operation’. PEACE together with the Regional Thai Governor sprayed the anti-virus using nano-technology to eliminate the Covid-19 Virus in significant locations such as the tourism location, Chonburi, Rayong, and Chiangmai for example. The operation Horus began with traffic arrangement by the local traffic police unit, followed by city cleaning before spraying the anti-virus substance which is a Chlorine Di-Oxide in the form of nanomolecular and transform it into gas to eliminate a virus that was scattered in the atmosphere.

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