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Saving HK Red Tree Forest Project – Year 2

In Hong Kong, mangroves are literally "red-tree-forests". They are found in the most well known inter-tidal wetlands in Hong Kong. The program aims to promote and support sustainable of wetland management to conserve ecology, biodiversity and mitigate climate change in North East New territories of Hong Kong. 

mangrove hk2.jpg

The project launched on 22nd of March 2019, PEACE continue the year two project with the team of 12 local mangrove forest experts to visit mangrove trees at the mangrove area at North East New Territory. 

This project involves the participation of the local community in the conservation efforts to encourage volunteerism, improving and improving the surrounding environment. This project also supports the government’s effort to protect and conserve the mangrove ecosystem and resources through sustainable management practices.

mangrove 4.jpg
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