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5th Anniversary of PEACE @ FEC 4

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The Policy & Economic Alliance Caring of Earth (PEACE) host the 4th Future Economy Collaboration Business Forum (FEC Business Forum) in conjunction with the celebration of the 5th establishment of PEACE.

The FEC Business Forum brings together business leaders from Asia, Europe and Africa who share the goal of strengthening collaboration in collaborative economy, trade and investment relations in Asia. The forum is an ideal platform to engage with political & business leaders from two regions and communicate to them concrete ideas on how to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges and boost economic growth, development and job creation in Asia and Africa continent.

The 4th FEC Business Forum will take place in Taipei city, Taiwan, China from 23rd to 27th October 2023. As reflected in the title “ Shield up the Healing Power for the World - People, Cities, and Earth ”, the core theme of this year's forum was Healing Earth, Cities, People's Life and Health Resilience with Plants. With the gifts of nature - forests, plants and crops, Build a global Shield of Healing Power – let the earth and human beings have PEACE of Mind.

Our agenda are to unleash the scientifically quantified healing power of nature and plants, use local plants and natural resources in each region to form a healing shield for the environment, the city and the health of residents, achieving the purpose of PEACE to solve intricate problems in the simplest way and through the tandem of the achievements of various places, form a global healing power in the happiest way.

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